Our Passion

To remain as the preferred builder of high quality projects with utmost commitment and innovative solutions by 2024.


Clients & Customers

Expand client base and create long term, sustainable partnerships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers.

Will Decena Client and Customer
Will Decena Business Process and Technology

Business Process & Technology

Implement full utilization of company-wide digital transformation, materials assembly & prefabrication, standardization of asset procurement & usage and seamless integration of processes

Organization Development

Uplift employee competency through capability enhancement and defined career development.

Will Decena Organization Development
Will Decena Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Support sustainable development goals on quality education and decent work and economic growth


Will Decena Marangal


  • Upholding dignity of work and dignified work relations
  • Recognizing autonomy, self-mastery and transparency
  • Trust in honestly doing the right thing


Will Decena Malasakit


  • Developing high level of responsibility, loyalty, passion for work.
  • Connecting to the larger objectives of the organization
  • Creating impact by displaying right attitude and send of accountability
Will Decena Client Centered


  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Responsive to related needs and concerns
  • Constructive work relationship
Will Decena Mahusay


  • Cultivating knowledge and skills for quality workmanship
  • Recognizing varied skills and unique talents to deliver excellence
  • Inspiring growth to drive achievements
Will Decena Innovative


  • Motivating performaces by encouraging new ideas
  • Influencing strategies through creative approaches
  • Integrating technology and working methods
Will Decena Embracing Change


  • Initiating changes and effecting positive outlook
  • Responsive to development looking at change as essential growth
  • Open for learning and receptive to new ideas